Performance-Based Service Delivery

Govplace combines proven industry best practices (e.g., PMBOK, ITIL) with experienced project managers, engineers, and information assurance professionals to successfully deliver projects with a focus on our client’s planned objectives. Our Performance-Based Service Delivery models include classic Steady-State IT Support Services (ITSS), agile-based Rapid Engagement (RE), and hybrid Elastic Service Integration (ESI) ™. Our hybrid ESI model combines the predictability of Steady State IT Support Services with the flexibility and adaptability of Agile Rapid Engagements.

These three Performance-Based Service Delivery Models incorporate innovative strategies, identifying areas where we can sign up for real, measurable responsibility for mission and business impact and develop meaningful financial incentives and disincentives for the delivery of that impact. They also allow us to reduce the total risk pool, for both Govplace and our customers, and are able to monetize that risk pool reduction in the form of total project cost and time decreases, freeing up resources for new mission initiatives.

Additionally, these models eliminate the waste inherent in traditional, fixed staffing IT models. They enable our customers to ramp up and scale back human service resources to match demand, using predictive analytics and proactive procurement to assure low latency. They also allow for continuous integration of innovative consumable technologies and services to deliver better performance for the lowest prices available, paying for only what we use and cutting our labor cost.