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We deliver a strategic approach to IT modernization by focusing on business outcomes, not just technology outcomes.
To define business outcomes, we work with our customers to build a common definition of business success. This might be a net reduction in operating costs, or an increase in some mission capability.  The common thread is that we elevate beyond simply making the IT work, and partner to deliver strategic business transformation.



Govplace helps its customers improve the efficiency and potential of their existing infrastructure investments by enabling them to employ advancements in Virtualization, Converged Computing, Software Defined Infrastructure and Workforce Mobility and applying these technologies in both traditional and cloud-based environments.

 Cloud Architecture, Readiness & Migration

 Converged Computing

 Software Defined Infrastructure

 Datacenter & Virtualization Optimization

 Workforce Mobility

 Enterprise Storage

 Backup and Disaster Recovery

 General IT Engineering, Operations & Maintenance


Govplace helps its customers balance the need for dynamic infrastructure and nimble applications with the ever-evolving federal requirements for enhanced security and compliance. We focus on integrating and delivering solutions that enable Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation, strengthen Security Information and Event Management, apply Governance Risk & Compliance and empower all other aspects of security, privacy and compliance in a rapid and cost effective manner.

  Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation Design

  Infrastructure & Cloud Security

  Identity Access & Privilege Management

  Governance Risk & Compliance Automation

  Data Protection

  Endpoint & Mobile Security

  Security Operations & Incident Response

  Physical Security


Govplace helps its customers employ cutting edge technologies that intersect infrastructure management with advances in software-based automation & orchestration. We use proven orchestration tools and software development platforms to rapidly and efficiently design and deliver solutions aimed at reducing process execution time, systematizing approved workflows, enforcing polices and enabling cross-platform integration.

  IT Operations Management Automation

  IT Service Management Automation

  IT Asset Management Design and Automation

  DevOps Enablement



Our team of experts are certified, skilled and trained to deliver the best service in the industry. This collaborative approach produces flexible and adaptable organizational transformation.

  • Over 85% of staff are technical
  • Experienced workforce with technical certifications from strategic partners such as VMware, Dell EMC, Cisco, Palo Alto, AppDynamics, McAfee, CommVault, Gigamon, VEEAM, BlueCoat.
  • Certified management workforce with industry proven certifications such as Project Management Professional, ITIL, MoR, and ISO 20K
  • Cumulative Government Experience of over 750 Years
  • ~ 40% of the team carries an active clearance


  • Based on industry proven best practices and employ real-life lessons learned from Govplace past performance
  • Reduce risk of delivery through repeatable and automated processes
  • Innovative strategies to drive real, measurable responsibility for mission and business outcomes coupled with meaningful financial incentives and disincentives
  • Hybrid ESI model combines the predictability of Steady State IT Support Services with the flexibility and adaptability of Agile Rapid Engagements
    • Eliminate the waste inherent in traditional, fixed staffing IT models
    • Enable customers to ramp up and scale back human service resources to match demand, using predictive analytics and proactive procurement to assure low latency


  • With a strategic approach to partnerships, we are able to maintain a consolidated ecosystem of industry leading IT partners that span our core focus areas.
  • We are selective in our partnership but not agnostic. In other words, we evaluate, select and employ the best available technologies to support our customers’ mission.
  • Our four step product selection process reliably delivers consistent cost savings paired with reduced implementation risks.

Define. Evaluate. Procure. Deliver.

  1. Define business outcomes.
  2. Evaluate the universe of possible solutions, considering both traditional and cutting edge solutions, identifying the optimum way to deliver the identified outcome.
  3. Procurement and delivery options (traditional purchase vs. lease, on premise vs. public cloud vs. private cloud, etc.) mapping options back to the business outcomes.
  4. Deliver the solution and measure the results back to the originally defined success metric.