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The Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) Program creates NIH-wide ordering mechanisms for the delegated community via establishment of BPAs.

BPA Calls or the purchase card are used to place orders and obligate funds against the BPAs.

Contract Number: HHSN263201100078B – Small Business

1 Year Base Contract to be refreshed annually. POP Date: 5/13/2011 – 5/31/2018
Award Date: 5/13/2011

Type of Contract
This is a GSA-based BPA. Customers are able to receive small business credit for all BPA Calls. All items on Govplace’s GSA Schedule and existing Contract Teaming Agreements (CTA’s) are available through this BPA.

Who to Contact:

Program Manager
Beau Bosley

Order/Remit to Address:

11111 Sunset Hills Road, STE 200
Reston, VA 20190