gFlex Solution Overview

Public Sector Organizations are constantly looking for ways to drive innovation, improve overall IT quality for their constituents, and support the ever-changing demands of their departments and agencies – all with their existing resources. OMB’s Cloud First Initiative, combined with the multitude of options in today’s technology landscape means that IT Organizations have a compelling choice in architecting their cloud and enterprise IT strategy.

gFlex is Govplace’s unique approach to helping you rapidly identify and classify high impact, low risk business systems and infrastructure that can be migrated to the cloud, with hybrid cloud solutions that combine SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. gFlex uses a modular, cloud-ready IT Service Management (ITSM) platform to provide a dashboard for existing IT systems and the business they support – bringing clarity to the relationships between IT systems and business processes, and identifying opportunities to modernize IT infrastructure.

Govplace Momentum, our solution delivery process, your path to the cloud will be identified within 90 days. Govplace subject matter experts lead an application inventory, and provide a readiness assessment that serves as the foundation for a collaborative prioritization and planning process. We jointly establish target cloud platforms for selected applications and work with you to establish agreements with private and public cloud providers to host your applications and data.

Key Benefits/Features:

Benefit Feature
Visualize your path to the cloud gFlex identifies high-impact, low-risk app and data migration opportunities.
Improve IT service levels gFlex provides insight into the relationships and dependencies between your apps and data.
Reduce cloud migration risk gFlex ensures migration success leveraging experienced subject matter experts.

Solution Diagram:


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