gStudio Solution Overview

Organizations today rely on rapid application implementations to deliver systems that best support mission critical needs. IT and functional managers require rapid and seamless deployments, and expect minimal demands to be placed on valuable organizational resources. With the growing need for agile and collaborative environments, new mission applications are required to deliver immediate value to end users and organizations alike.

gStudio is a visual, web-based development platform that enables the rapid deployment of secure business applications – enabling social business and creating efficiencies in the way government works. The gStudio developer GUI can be used by both business analysts and developers to collaboratively create rich, sophisticated, and secure data-centric applications in a matter of days – not months. This allows IT organizations to rapidly adapt applications to user needs, dramatically transforming the traditional approach to application and database development and management.

Momentum, Govplace’s solution delivery process, guarantees a functional prototype application within 90 days of project kickoff. Within those 3 months, your agency’s cost-effective gStudio system will meet strict security, governance and accessibility requirements, and be ready for C&A. Momentum delivers foundational training and documentation, and a roadmap for the next iteration in your implementation plan.

Agile, mobile and cloud-ready, gStudio is your cost-effective application development and deployment solution.

Key benefits/features:

Benefit Feature
Cut application development costs gStudio eliminates your dependence on 3rd party vendors and costly customizations.
Flexible application deployment gStudio apps can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud to provide maximum flexibility.
Reduce project risks The Govplace Momentum agile approach reduces IT project risk and application support costs.

Solution Diagram:


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