DHS has been given the authority, and funding for the CDM program to strengthen the cyber-security posture of the Federal civilian “.gov” networks. By centrally managing and funding this program, DHS will be able to ensure that the approach to continuous monitoring is consistent, meets minimum critical requirements, and leverages centralized acquisition to improve the speed of procurement, and achieve significant discounts. In part these discounts will be achieved by consolidating like Federal requirements into “buying groups.” This initiative is also in direct support of the Administration’s Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) goal for implementing continuous monitoring across the Federal networks.

The BPA provides DHS, Federal Government departments / agencies, and state, local, tribal, and territorial governments with specialized IT services and tools to implement DHS’ CDM solutions. The CDM program seeks to defend Federal and other government IT networks from cyber-security threats by providing continuous monitoring sensors (tools), diagnosis, mitigation tools and CMaaS to strengthen the security posture of Government networks.


Order/Remit to Address:

Knowledge Consulting Group, Inc.
11710 Plaza America Drive, Suite 520
Reston, VA 20190


Authorized Users:

While the scope of the program is primarily for civilian “.gov” networks, DHS anticipates use of this BPA by any Federal entity, including Department of Defense (DoD), “.mil” networks, further enhancing the value to the Government of this acquisition. Additionally, in its overall cyber-defense role, DHS has the strategic goal of making the Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) tools and Continuous Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) available for use by state, local, tribal, and territorial governments.

Contract Information

Contract Number: GS00T13AJA0016
Govplace is a Contract Teaming Partner of KCG, the CTA Lead on the CDM BPA.

Term: Base year, with 4 one-year options

Award Date: August 12, 2013

Contracting Agency: Department of Homeland Security, Administered by General Services Administration (FEDSIM)

Partner Technologies

  • McAfee
  • SailPoint
  • BeyondTrust
  • ForeScout
  • IBM
  • CyberArk

Who To Contact

Pete Rivers