2016 Federal Cloud Computing Recap: Workload Management for Cost Savings

Govplace participated as a panelist during a collaboration session at the 2016 ATARC Federal Cloud Computing Summit in Washington, DC on July 26th. Discussions addressed challenges of managing a workload in the cloud and the impact workload has on the cost of operating within a cloud environment. Specifically, enabling decision making around workload migration and supporting workloads in a hybrid cloud environment became a focus area that panelists and the audience addressed.

A few key factors were highlighted when discussing decision making. First, a distinction between lift and shift and associated migration costs as compared to operation enhancement. Next, a clear definition of goals and establishing best practices using small test cases and success stories will be helpful for migrating larger systems and services. And lastly, understanding that automation can be challenging when moving workloads between private and public portions of the cloud.

Moving data and balancing capacity and Return on Investment (ROI) are challenges in a hybrid environment. As a result of the session, a few findings and recommendations were deemed important takeaways:

  • Concentrate cost decision making around workload migration
  • Create or use tools for workload management hybrid environments
  • Adopt organizational chance management to improve communication, allow culture to shift and enable cost savings

To learn more about the recommendations and other collaboration sessions, read the full event report.


The 2017 ATARC Federal Cloud Computing Summit is taking place on February 16th at the Washington Marriott Metro Center.