Infographic: 5 Steps To Ensuring You Are Ready For The Cloud. The journey to the cloud offers the promise of better user experience, performance, reliability, and enhanced security. But for government organizations, that migration can be complex and involve considerable risk. Succeed and you reap the rewards of the cloud. Fail, and you could experience catastrophic operational interruptions. The good news is, you can minimize complexity and risk by taking key steps to ensure that both your workloads and your workforce are ready for the journey – and the benefits that await. ENSURE APPLICATION PORTFOLIO READINESS Look holistically at the full range of applications you use and support, including identifying every application’s security requirements and functional domains, as well as the connections and interdependencies between them. ENSURE INFRASTRUCTURE READINESS Consider your application-supporting technologies, which comprises all technology outside of the application stack – including enterprise management software, security software, and other infrastructure components. This will be key to deciding if they can be maintained in a cloud environment. ENSURE ORGANIZATIONAL READINESS Be sure to identify key personnel and consultants who will be charged with managing ongoing operations and regulatory compliance; budgets to fund deployments and maintenance; and management of service-level agreements (which are very important in cloud scenarios). ASSESS YOUR WORKLOADS To get the most of the cloud’s performance and efficiency promises, it’s crucial to assess the technical workloads of your applications from an infrastructure perspective. You’ll need to ensure that performance can be maintained – or even improved – as different aspects of the infrastructure are transitioned. PREPARE YOUR WORKFORCE There are cultural factors involved in prepping your team for a cloud migration – shifts in mindset that add up to an organizational willingness to support the new environment. You’ll also need to identify gaps in your current skillset and make plans to fill them.

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