Govplace Chief Executive Officer Chosen as Featured Speaker at The Open Group Conference

We are honored to announce our Chief Technology Officer, Majed Saadi will be presenting “Cloud Reservoirs: a practical cloud consumption model for the federal government” at The Open Group San Diego on January 30, 2018.

While the Cloud computing buzz continues to take the lion’s share of the federal government visions, strategies, and plans, real adoption is still lacking. Compliance program such as FedRAMP and various GSA or agency level BPAs have increased confidence and made the cloud more attainable. But much of the current cloud workloads are based on development and testing environments, low hanging fruits like online productivity, or smaller greenfield projects. Meanwhile, enterprise and mission workloads are still lagging behind.

One of the problems prohibiting adoption is the need for a good structure to ensure flexibility in accessing various cloud services while reducing risks and ensuring budget predictability.

Majed will present an innovative way for structuring a cloud consumption model that allows government agencies to capitalize on the value and premise of cloud computing while mitigating the risks of budget unpredictability.

Majed has over 20 years’ experience in IT Strategy Development, Enterprise Architecture, and Enterprise Systems Management. He joined Govplace in 2016 to serve as the Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for codifying Govplace’s capabilities and offerings as well as supporting technical innovation across the enterprise.