Using Strong Passwords and Password Management

Why Using Strong Passwords Matters

Did you know 53% of people rely on their memory to manage passwords? (Yubicos and Ponemon Institute)

As our lives collectively expand online, we have gone from having a few passwords to managing upwards of 100 on current day. That’s 100 unique passwords to remember, if you’re using strong password habits. Password manager applications can save users from cyber threats and make accounts safer by recommending strong passwords. On NCAM, we are dispelling the misconceptions about password managers and showing others how these tools will keep them safe online.

Facts on Using Strong Passwords

  • 43% of adults have shared their password with someone. (Google)

  • Only 45% of adults would change a password after a breach. (Google)

  • 75% of people said they don’t know how to create secure passwords (Ponemon Institute)

  • 81% of the total number of breaches leveraged stolen or weak passwords. (LastPass)

  • 61% of employees use the same passwords for multiple platforms. (LastPass)

  • The most commonly used password management strategy was writing them down in a notebook (31%). Remembering passwords was also seen as a popular technique reported by 26% of the participants. (NCA)

  • Only 12% of the participants reported using a stand-alone password manager application with another 11% saving their passwords in their browser. (NCA)

  • 28% of adults in the US use the same password for all of their online accounts. (Business Insider)

  • 65% of Americans don’t trust password managers. (Password Manager & YouGov)

Govplace’s OEM Partners that Support Best Practices for Strong Password Use

Our OEMs’s provide best practices that conform to the industry standards by using auto-generated random alpha numeric passwords. They also create password policies that enforce users to create unique and complex passwords. Additionally, our OEM’s provide automation of password rotations and workflow creation to provide administrative assistance, using one-time-tokens that may be escalated outside the users’ normal daily tasks. The stored credentials are encrypted and managed by our solutions and are synced to the customers Active Directory servers’ policies. This provides a more granular control of user credentials (on-boarding, off-boarding, lock-outs, etc) and enforces less privileges for administrative tasks. Our OEM’s provide extended access polices beyond Active Directory native controls, enable user password-reset capabilities and serve users from multiple domains (Enterprise password management).

We partner with an extensive list of OEMs that help our Federal customers reach their agency-specific cybersecurity missions, including enabling password management. Among these are:

Full List of Partners

About National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Govplace is proud to participate in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), a joint effort between the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) to raise cybersecurity awareness nationally and internationally. Now in its 19th year, NCSAM continues to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across our Nation, ensuring that all Americans have the resources they need to be safer and more secure online.

At Govplace, We’re Doing Our Part!

Cybersecurity is one of Govplace’s key areas of expertise. Beyond promoting #SeeYourselfInCyber and NCSAM for our own employees, we work every day with our federal agency customers to provide best of breed cybersecurity tools, products, and expert integration services to ensure the safety and security of mission critical systems and data. Our in-house cybersecurity specialists stay current with the ever-evolving federal requirements for enhanced security and compliance, so that Govplace is ready to assist customers in finding and implementing the most appropriate and cost-effective cybersecurity technologies and solutions. We’re doing our part to help our customers across their organizations.

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