What Can You Get Done Before October 1?
Plenty, with The Right Tech Partner

With the end of the federal fiscal year quickly approaching, how do you accomplish the list of IT tasks and goals you set out for at the beginning of the year in even less time due to the government shutdown? At this point, you need to make progress quickly – investing in sound, high quality solutions and not get pulled into the use-it-or-lose-it frenzy. Here are four things to consider at federal fiscal year end:


Prioritization is key to getting to the right solution quickly. As a hybrid Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and Systems Integrator (SI), Govplace offers the best of both worlds by providing the best solution to meet mission needs quickly. As a VAR, Govplace brings honed experience with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products given our direct relationships with multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other companies that create products. As we work across multiple OEMs, our engineers often carry certification in a range of these products, constantly scanning the market for technical alternatives. Govplace understands the strengths and weaknesses of competing products, therefore we are able to best recommend how products are complementary to ensure mission needs. Our expert analysis includes vendor agnostic product recommendations without entering into daunting and time consuming services contracts, also providing users assurance that recommended solutions will integrate well into their IT environments.

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For quick access given critical end of fiscal year needs, it’s essential to look at the contract vehicles that companies have to ensure that you can access the products and services you need quickly. For instance, vehicles such as DHS First Source, NASA SEWP V, and CIO-CS are broad in scope— they don’t limit your options to only pre-approved product lists, so whatever you need can be delivered — and delivered quickly. If you can work with a certified small business, choose SEWP Group C for small business credit, that’s an added plus for most agencies.

BIG NOTE: Some IT services can be purchased on product vehicles.


Some IT services can be purchased on product vehicles. This is very important to know if you don’t already — as long as the necessary installation, implementation, and integration services are directly related to the products you purchase, you can actually procure services through many of the product contract vehicles. For instance, cyber assessments can be done in tandem with the related cyber tools that will help increase your security architecture and improve your FAR scores for 2020.


Now is also an excellent time to think about any licensing for the tools you’ll need to accomplish your goals next year. A request could be as simple as renewing a license for a specific type of software, or it could be as broad as a need for better vulnerability management with some specs on what has to be accomplished. A VAR-SI hybrid like Govplace can recommend what would best meet your needs and negotiate costs for you to provide the best value. To be more specific, we will be able to provide expert solutions and service, along with fast turnaround because we have cross-functional teams that include Engineers, Account Executives, Customer facing Account Managers with mission expertise, and Program Managers all working together in an integrated team.

So how can we help you beat the end-of-year clock?

Govplace is a rare hybrid being both a VAR and an SI, we not only know which products work best — but which products work best together. With well over two decades of experience working with the Federal government, we understand agency missions and their unique requirements. Govplace is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and has a Supply Chain Risk Management Plan, providing reduced risk with proven methodologies for successful delivery.

As an added discriminator, we are also a certified small business, and our expansive contract vehicle portfolio means we’re easy to access. We have best-of-breed partners and strong relationships with large distributors, such as Carahsoft, Immix, and EC America, as well as many specialty niche companies. And, to help our customers beat the clock, our light is on for you in the evenings and weekends through September 30th. So don’t waste another minute stressing. We’ll help you get it done before October 1. Email us at sales@govplace.com or call 571-429-5190.