How To Avoid Application Performance Suddenly Becoming Nonperformance

It always seems to happen at the very worst times, when people are under deadlines, and the pressure is on. A critical application goes down. But, is it the application code or the network or the server? And then, of course, comes the tech-age-old question — How long until it’s back up?

Things are always hectic when there’s a tech glitch, but especially so when a lot is depending on the reliability of your applications to perform efficiently. Better to have the Application Performance Monitoring and Management tools in place to tackle the problem quickly.

So What Is Application Performance Monitoring?

Application performance monitoring is pretty much anything that has to do with monitoring the performance of an application. That can include monitoring the CPU of servers, tracking and monitoring error rates and identifying network slowdowns.

Application performance monitoring is a broad term used to describe a wide range of tools that alert you to potential application problems. But, typically, the tools will only tell you that

And What Is Application Performance Management?

On the other hand, Application Performance Management is the detection and diagnosis of complex application performance problems and can include application mapping, dynamic baselining and code-level diagnostics. Tools may also include code-level performance data so you can find the exact line of code that’s causing your performance problem.

A powerful APM solution will pinpoint the problem to a specific application within the server within your network, allowing you to fix the problem immediately — not in hours or overnight or over the weekend.

Together They Turn Angst Into Answers

A good set of APM tools can give you a complete view of your data center, including the performance of machines and networks and the workings of the database server itself. They can allow you to see the overall performance of your application environment and end user application ties to the business data of the transactions. They can even extend your insight into the end user experience and collect information on where your requests are coming from and what devices and channels are being used.

Some Of The Key APM Features and Benefits

Govplace can help you ensure flawless customer experiences with APM, putting an end to all the angst because when an issue arises, it will be solved quickly. In fact, end users may never even notice the problem. To request an assessment or solution demo of some of the APM tools we use — or simply to have an informational conversation about what we can do for your enterprise, contact us today at or 571-429-5190.

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