Collaborative Work for the Mission… From a Safe Distance

This past week has been a testament to how fast we humans can adapt. A remarkable number of new (to me) -phrases and ideas leapt into our daily conversations and challenges. Travel restrictions, school closings, social distancing, etc. I’ve found myself watching and reading the news and working to figure out how both we as a company and the Robinson family adapt to this new normal.

At Govplace, the safety and health of our team, their families, our partners, and our clients is our priority. We have implemented a primary telework schedule for all Reston- based employees so they may continue to optimize productivity while avoiding unnecessary risk.

The idea of teleworking is not new to Govplace. We’ve invested in and enabled our team to take advantage of this technology for years – allowing our team to continue to support our customers and partners with the same high level of service and responsiveness, without interruption (or disruption).

For years we’ve helped our government customers achieve the same goal. By implementing secure telework technologies, federal agencies have been able to adapt and respond while navigating the needs of their workforce during this unprecedented event.

In the span of less than 7 days, the entire world has had to rally around the concepts of remote work, home schooling, and social distancing. While we need to stay vigilant and focused, let’s also appreciate the advantages digital technology has given us to weather this storm, and celebrate the incredible progress we can make together as a society when we all lean into this challenge.

Stay Safe and Be Well,

Adam Robinson